“We want the tough jobs”

Offering our customers the benefit of over 25 years of experience in property management, maintenance and sweeping services.

We Offer Complete Service Packages:

  • Sweeping:┬ároadways, parking areas, gated villages, airports, construction cleanup.
  • Property Maintenance: pavement repair, seal coating, striping, pothole patching, speed bumps, overlays, etc.
  • Cleaning: vacated tenant spaces, retention ponds, goose droppings, soil erosion areas, bulk refuse disposal.
  • Improvements: pavement, wheel blocks, metal bollards and drain grates, inspection programs, abandoned item removal.
  • General Carpentry: repair, light and sign maintenance/removal, synthetic stucco, seasonal services.
  • Tenant Maintenance: tenant space repair, graffiti removal, painting, replacement of windows, ceiling tiles, locks and doors.

Please take a look at the wide variety of services we provide then send us an email or call 317.339.5722. to learn how we can assist you in showcasing your property in the best possible manner.

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