Case Study: Paver Cleaning

Clean Sweep Lot Services handles special projects as a routine part of our business.

This client designed a water storage area for storm water runoff. In this area, which contained parking spaces on the top, large stones were placed underground to create a wet vault area. Over the top of that was put pea gravel and landscape material. Then, to create the parking area the whole of it was covered with pavers.

Clean Sweep used a Schwarze A4 regenerative air sweeper to clean the spaces between the pavers to ensure continued drainage. Then, we utilized the sweeper’s remote suction hand-hose to clean all of the corners where the sweeper was unable to access. The embedded video shows the hand hose cleaning operation, which was quick and efficient.

This is just one of the many innovative ways Clean Sweep Lot Service can work with your organization to develop exactly the right program to maximize your value and minimize your overall expense. Contact us today for a FREE Professional Assessment of your needs.

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